D’Andrea’s 347 “Large Teardrop” Formula Delrex Guitar Picks provide players with an alternative material that addresses the issue of pick slippage. Each pick is made with the ever-popular delrin/acetal material and is carefully designed and manufactured for maximum memory and minimum wear that made the original tortoise shell famous. With a unique tone and articulation along with a matte finish, the Formula Delrex Picks are a popular choice for all styles of guitar playing. Proudly Made in USA!

Additional Information

AVAILABLE IN: RD** – 72pc Refill Bag
(** – Specify Gauge)
GAUGES AVAILABLE: .50mm – Thin (Red)
.60mm – Thin/Medium (Orange)
.73mm – Medium (Yellow)
.88mm – Medium/Heavy (Green)
1.0mm – Heavy (Blue)
1.14mm – X-Heavy (Purple)
(All Colors are Gauge Specific)
DIMENSIONS: Inches = 1.1″ x 1.0″
Millimeter = 29mm x 24mm
(Approximate Dimensions)